The sales pitch: educating the client about the buyer's journey

Photo by  John Mccann  on  Unsplash

Photo by John Mccann on Unsplash

During the sales pitch, it's imperative to educate your client about how native advertising can create awareness of their business or brand. Furthermore, your client must understand that businesses need to create content (articles, videos, memes, infographics...) that can reach their target audience (buyers) at every stage of their journey.

In the first or "beginning stage" the buyer is not even thinking about the product or service your client offers. At this stage, native advertising content is intended to simply create awareness of the business/brand. We want as many eyeballs looking at the content that the business/brand is sponsoring. Think billboard, but much better—and measurable.

The second stage to target is the buyer's "evaluation stage." Here the goal is to reach the buyers that are in the market for the product offered by the business. Native advertising is the perfect way to appeal to them. By providing solutions to their pain points and/or creating content around what they're searching for, the business can become an option (or the option) for when the buyer is ready to purchase.

Lastly, businesses need to continue to market to those that have already purchased from them (existing and past clients). Here the goal is to keep buyers engaged and committed to the business or brand. Native advertising can help businesses accomplish this goal by positioning the brand as a thought leader on a subject (or multiple) in which they have a level of expertise.